Thank you for attending the SafeStart Human Factors Conference and making it a successful event!

Our speakers and consultants were overwhelmed by the positive energy in the rooms and the multitude of in-depth conversations, great comments, and insightful questions that filled the venue. While Hurricane Nicole tried to shake things up a bit, those who were able to stay said that day two was their favorite day of the conference.

The most common question heard was: where can I get a copy of the presentations I saw at the conference? Most of the presentations were already available on the HFC app, but we've made them even easier to find them by putting them all in one place for you to find and that's right here.

We hope that this event was as impactful as some of the survey responses suggest and that the conference helps improve your organization’s health and safety, even in a small way. If you’re curious about where our speakers will be presenting next, you can find them on our events page. And don’t hesitate to contact us and share any additional questions or comments you may have.

Thank you for attending!